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Age 75 is the Updated Mandatory Retirement Age for Judges in Florida

Lost in the hoopla of gubernatorial and U.S. Senate elections, recounts, and a dozen constitutional amendments on the November 6 general election ballot was a small provision in one of those amendments. It increased the mandatory retirement age from 70 to 75 for Florida’s jurists — long a position favored by The Florida Bar.

It was one of three parts of Amendment 6, which was placed on the ballot by the Constitution Revision Commission. Virtually all of the attention on that amendment focused on “Marsy’s Law,” which largely placed existing statutory provisions protecting and empowering victims of crime into the Constitution.

But the CRC also combined that with two other provisions, one of which raises the mandatory retirement age for judges by five years. It also slightly changes retirement provisions. Under the old process, judges and justices with less than half of their six-year term remaining when they reached the age of 70 could complete those terms.

The new amendment sets a hard retirement date on the jurists 75th birthday.


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